Hotel Front Desk Module

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Because hotel management requires a special treat while handling due to the speed and accuracy of its operations and the complexity of its operations steps as it expands its services, Walnut offers you a front office management system for hotels, which is able to improve the quality of the overall performance of hotel operators, and which contributes directly to avoiding any potential waste of expenses or loss of profits, and that By organizing operations with an automated system characterized by transparency and flexibility at all levels.


It is a system divided into three main axes:

Guest reservations

Guest operations

Internal supervision Operations (Housekeeping)

Maximize Front Office Efficiency!

Improving cash flow

By linking with an accurate accounting system.

Analysis of your operations data

By Supporting you with data and periodic reports to

 enhance your ability to make strategic decisions.

Better use of your resources 

by monitoring periodic reports and using them to develop more effective future plans.

Streamlined performance 

Through the flexibility of automated workflow steps to and from each step in the system 

Walnut promises you

A reliable Hotel front desk management system that combines programming complexity and ease of use; We also promise you an integrated process management experience capable of reducing the time and effort required for each process while increasing efficiency and transparency. 

Reservations Department

Entering guest reservation information:

Starting from the communication between the customer and the hotel, whether the reservation is personal or through a tourism company, a reservation form is opened for each customer that includes all the basic reservation data (for example name, number of rooms, arrival date, discount, reservation type, etc.), and it can also be Review the booking rates of days and nightly cases of any different rates during the stay.


Document related to the reservation

A personal file for each hotel, where stay history information can be added, as well as keeping the file track through the "Save Customer History" feature.

Group bookings

In the event of bundling room groups for a certain period during a specific purpose (for example a conference), the system allows the “group reservation” feature by entering all the data shared between the rooms at one time (for example arrival date, tourism company). , number of nights, etc.), and then put the different details of each room belonging to the group, in addition to the possibility of opening a unified invoice for the group or separate invoices for each room.


It is a section dedicated to the codes for room types, where the rooms are classified into groups (overlooking a mountain, sea, or garden). The system provides a code for each room in the hotel with its number and type.

The ability to print the registration cards for each guest during arrival within the placement process for each guest, assign a room number to each reservation, and record the guest status if the accommodation has already taken place, and then the guest’s activities begin in the hotel, where it is called the “Guest In House” phase. “.

For Every occupied room, the system generates an automatic invoice. The “billing” feature allows you to review guest bills periodically and update guests, whether by adding purchases to the guest or activities that he has practiced for a fee. The guest’s bill is ready with all the items he used or bought.

On check-out day, handing over the room keys for reception and payment takes place, while the system will set the room back to "empty".

Managing the internal supervision department (Housekeeping)

It is the room service section, where the system provides codes for the status of each room, whether it is out of service due to maintenance work, malfunctions, renovations, or the presence of an event in the room such as a photo session, technical examination or inspection. 


Company Codes

They are the codes for companies that the hotel deals with, along with their sectors as (tour companies, travel agents, banks, petroleum companies, etc.), and reservations are made for groups or individuals according to prior agreements or contracts with the hotel, so the system provides a feature to create profiles for each of the companies that the hotel deals with.

Price/Rate codes

Same as price features in contracts and prior agreements between the hotel and companies, in which the start & end dates of the contract are mentioned, and the price code allows creating prices based on the contracted period and the type of rooms. In addition to whether the price includes only the price or meals as well. 

Benefit code

No. of rooms allocated to a company for a certain period, and a certain number of each type of room, so that the volume of business between the hotel and the company is predetermined, and the allocations are either in a mandatory manner (payment for all rooms) or payment is made for the number of rooms that were actually inhabited only.

Meals type code

Dedicated codes for meals provided by the hotel during the guest's stay, and the system allows setting an unlimited number of types of meals (Example: Full Board, Half Board, Bed & Breakfast). 

Meal pricing code

The possibility of setting a price for each meal through the system to obtain the revenue value for meals only, separate from the overnight service.

Guest rating code

Possibility to classify guests into regular guests and VIPs. 


Access reports

It contains the arrival dates of the guests per each room, while detailed arrival reports can be selected according to certain factors (e.g. the arrival of certain company guests during a given period).

Resident guest reports

It contains data about guests actually staying in the hotel with all the basic information about each customer.

Departure reports

The check-outs rooms on a certain date.

Booking reports

Containing all user reservations made during a certain period by any means, on top canceled reservations reports, as well as confirmed or unconfirmed ones.

Audit and monitoring reports

Contains accounts and reviews of revenue generated during the guests' stay in the hotel, with a log for each user to record all transactions for use in the oversight and review process.

Hotel condition reports

All the available rooms are summed up in this report, with the current occupancy rate and the expected occupancy rate during certain periods.

Availability reports

Contains all available rooms across their different types, and with the relevant times and dates chosen by users.

Forecast reports

Occupancy rates and revenues to be achieved based on previously reservations entered into the system, as well as the number of guests, meals, confirmed reservations, etc.

Additional Features

Merge the guest file
● Membership program. (points program)
● Multiple facilities.

Possibility to connect with...

Accounting System | sales system

Hotel front desk system in a nutshell..

Walnut brings the optimum hotel front desk system that accompanies users from reservation to departure, through accommodation, activities and changes that the guest may request, so that the hotel is always fully aware of the customer’s file and complete history. This module is an important aid tool for hotel management to make constructive management decisions, Accurate and organized reports.