Real Estate Module

Performance Reliability. Timely Followups. Professional Organization.

Because the real estate sector is one of the most complex business sectors in its management, Walnut offers a real estate management system that deals with various forms of real estate companies, whether in the rental, sales or real estate property management for others. It is an integrated system that improves communication between all parties related to real estate units. 

An Integrated Real Estate System

Financial Control

Through accurate records of all financial movements of real estate units.

Analyze Real Estate Portfolio Data

Reports to enhance your ability to make strategic decisions.

Streamlined Performance

Flexible, automated workflow, from and to each step in the system.

We Promise You

a reliable property management system. We also promise an integrated experience capable of reducing time and effort, increasing profitability and transparency, in addition to increasing the percentage of satisfaction of parties related to the company's overall performance.

Real Estate

Define More Than One Company Per System

Define multiple real estate companies with their own data and real estate portfolios

Follow-Up on Property Ownership

The system follows the sequence of property ownership, whether the ownership belongs to the developing company, the owner of the unit, a direct tenant , or a sub-tenant
Real Estate
Real Estate

Follow-up and Issuance of Lease and Sales Contracts

The program monitors lease and sales contracts periodically. It issues sales contracts in installments or in cash. It also allows you to add some services to lease contracts and to follow up on them, whether in separate contracts or in the same contract (internet and satellite services, parking cars), where the system issues receipts that include services and rent, and more than one unit can be added in the same contract, but with unified dates for all units.

Complete Monitoring of the Payment Receipt Cycle

Follow up and monitor due receipts in the specified time periods; With the ease of canceling the issuance and the ease of payment or canceling the payment whenever needed. The system also allows partial payment of rent and installments according to the desire of the owner of each property.
Real Estate
Real Estate

Combined Collection

Combined collection capability, in the event that the custodian, owner, or collection officer aggregates payment amounts for more than one receipt, they are collected in one step.

Periodic Receipts Panel

The issuance of receipts per month can be accelerated by preparing the voucher board or installments in advance, to give an initial forecast of the amounts to be collected in the coming periods.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Automatic renewal of contracts

Automatically renew contracts, if the status of “extension contract” is for the same tenant and unit, the contract is automatically renewed or the contract is modified to extend the period.


Contract Termination

An integrated, independent cycle of contract termination.
Real Estate


Occupancy Reports

 Contracts that have been concluded and are nearing completion, along with the number of units leased and sold.

Financial Reports

Amounts expected to be collected, collections, and cash flow forecast as per signed contracts and tenant account statements.

Collection Reports

 Receipt vouchers for a certain period, collection vouchers for a custodian or collecting officer, bank transfers and deposits.

Additional Features

The real estate system has a maintenance program and a legal affairs program attached, and they work as separate programs or as affiliate programs of the real estate system.

Legal Affairs Program 

  • Manages the Legal Affairs Department in the event that there are advisors to follow up on the company’s issues or if external legal offices have been contracted.

  •  Follow up on the administrative work related to the issues.

  • Introducing all the competent courts to the company’s issues, the degrees of litigation, the types of cases, the reasons for the cases, the principal (the owner) and the opponent (the lessee).

  • Follow up on the sessions with their dates by issuing a ruling according to what is required in the next session, its time and the tasks assigned to each person.

  • Record all expenses related to cases in a separate section for litigation fees.

  • The basic stages of the program: negotiation, case filing, sessions, judgment, implementation.

  • The issuance of receipts can be stopped if a case is filed, but the collection is done by “receipt of part of the rent” bonds, and then the accounts are settled after the judgment is issued.


  • Filed cases | Cases in the implementation phase | Case success rate

Maintenance Program

  • Manages maintenance operations, whether internally or externally, either the company's maintenance team or external companies.

  • Define maintenance groups by type (electricity, plumbing, paints, heaters, air conditioning, etc.), and maintenance items are defined for each group.

  •  Program steps: Record maintenance requests from the owner, tenant, building guard or company as periodic maintenance, then visit to identify works, then agree on the works, then start the work, then follow up, then finish the installations, then delivery, then follow up after delivery.

 Analytical reports for maintenance requests

  •  Number of maintenance requests, number of orders closed on time, number of late orders, number of orders per maintenance team and per technician, various collections and maintenance fees and charges.

Integrate with...

General Accounts System | maintenance program | Legal Affairs Program

Real Estate System in a Nutshell

An integrated system that facilitates coordination between all parties related to real estate companies, owners, management, employees and tenants, as well as helping to enhance the performance and ability of the company for strategic planning.

It has proven its effectiveness in raising the percentage of customer reliability within a short period, and it comes with two additional systems (legal affairs and maintenance) that have the ability to raise the company's performance and overall efficiency, which is directly reflected on its revenues.