Point of Sale 

 Easy Handling. Multiple Solutions. Guaranteed Performance.  

 Walnut’s point of sale “POS” is the front line of the sales module. We offer you the easiest point of sale system to use, which is suitable for most types of businesses, and is characterized by its ability to work whether it is online or offline. It comes with many advantages such as working on more than one invoice at the same time, and executing all operations through easy-to-handle screens with transparent and accurate performance.


  We Promise You

An easy-to-use, reliable, point-of-sale system among all your branches. With our confidence in performance accuracy, usability, and your ability to monitor all operations through a clear central dashboard

 Better Use of Your Resources

Through smart mechanisms that save time and ensure quality performance.

Streamlined Performance

 Through the flexibility of workflow steps and the ability to open parallel invoices.

Analysis of Your Sales Data

 Interactive reports to display detailed information in just a few clicks.

Multiple Payment Gateways 

 More than one method of payment, whether in cash, by credit card, or with the customer's previous balance on the system.

Point of sale

 Print Product Specifications for the Customer

 Product specifications can be printed easily, as some activities need the invoices printed with special details (such as jewelry), so the invoice can be printed after showing the product on the screen and then closing the invoice

Simple Session Opening and Closing, with a detailed log of timings

 The module relies on the “sales sessions” mechanism, where the cashier opens the session to register the current balance and the name of the cashier receiving the session, then sales begin until the session closes, and the module shows the balance based on sales, returns, and exchanges.

Point of sale
Point of sale

Cash Receipts and Cash Payments During Sessions

Cash in or cash out can be performed during the session for any reason, such as depositing to the bank or receiving cash from the administration, and the cashier records those transactions on the system during the session so that the system shows the closing balance including these operations.

Point of Sale Reports

 Reports by items, categories, payment methods, purchase behavior of customers, and the performance of sales officials.

Point of sale
Point of sale

Table management software

 A point-of-sale system dedicated to managing restaurants and cafes, with settings to facilitate the administrative process in parallel with managing points-of-sale, where an invoice is made for each table, and the kitchen can be managed through the kitchen screen on which orders between hall and kitchen appear.

Point of sale

Manage prices according to specific criteria

Set a price list according to category of customers or specific periods (such as holidays and seasons) with a specific discount 

Point of sale

Loyalty program (points)

Loyalty programs applied to invoices, where the customer can redeem points as a payment method

Displays product listings and categories

 Display the items easily. Choose the category and then the item or search the barcode or item code.

Displays product price and available quantity

 The module shows the available quantity for each product and the standard selling price according to the different pricing policies, and the approved discount systems

Displays detailed product data and technical specifications

The name, picture and all the details of each product can be displayed.


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