Budget Module

Comprehensive Planning. Accurate Forecasting. Satisfying Results.

Accurate planning is paramount to the success of commercial enterprises, and budget is among the main pillars in the edifice of any future plan. With Walnut’s dedicated system, we offer you the discretionary budget system, which organizes forecasts of Profit and Loss, as well as Cash flow for each company or department. The company then can control the limits of its purchases and its expected operational and administrative activities.  

Paving the Way to Success.

Tight Planning

Review all your financial forecasts.

Ease of Use

Adjust your budget, both before and during the fiscal year.

Impressive Results

Realistically implement the approved plans.

We Promise You.

An easy, accurate and flexible projected budgeting system that is able to help you develop comprehensive visions for all departments or companies. All while monitoring from one control panel, so that you can maximize profitability, while minimizing loss, with controlled cash flows to suit your future plans.

Setting profit and loss budget

Develop a solid budget forecast for the entire company, or for each department separately, and obtain the necessary Approvals from different administrative levels to reach a final estimated budget after completing the Approval cycle.


Compare the Estimated Budget with Actual Balances and Previous Years

Compare the real data of the previous fiscal year with the current year’s budget, or periodically compare the current year’s budget with the actual numbers, to show the deviation, if any. You can then correct said deviation by closing the gap between the expected and actual numbers.

Compare Predictions

Compare the expectations of different budget officials to ensure that the corporate vision is clear to all stakeholders alike.


Different Versions of the Discretionary Budget

If there is a significant deviation between the budgeted numbers and the actual numbers for any reason, users can begin to change the budgeted numbers to be closer to the actual numbers without the base approval cycle.

Additional Features

Establishing a Capital Budget

A dedicated section to set a budget for the invested capital for the next fiscal year.

Budgeting of Financial Flows

Because cash flow reports are among the most vital financial reports, this feature is able to build detailed projections of cash flow.

Integrate With...

Procurement System

Provides you with the ability to control purchases according to approved budgets, as it approves purchase orders within the approved budget only.

Accounting System

Control the actual accounting entries according to the approved budget, while monitoring any positive or negative deviation, and then take the necessary action to correct the situation if necessary.

Budget Module in a nutshell.

The possibility of designing several documentary courses based on the nature of sales.

Design several documentary courses based on the nature of sales.
The estimated budget preparation can take place in one stage or in several stages, where each department sets the expected revenues and expenses, the system then collects various budgets into a comprehensive general budget for the company.
at the approval stage, which is the stage of review and modification according to the discussions that took place around the first draft of the budget,
any adjustments that occurred to the budget are documented in case there is a need to know what the change that occurred was, who made it, and who approved it.
Finally, work begins on the actual data, to be a comparison between expectations and actual numbers, and between this year's budget and previous years.