Warehouse & Inventory System

Adequate Order. Streamlined performance. Detailed Reports.  

As warehouses are the pillars of supply chains, and their work efficiency requires a closed, organized system that accurately keeps track of stock, we offer you a warehouse management system that organizes all warehouse operations, from receipts and deliveries to calculating the cost of resources and products, through returns, scrap management, and the documentary cycles of stores. All of that on a streamlined system that generates accurate reports. 

Run your Inventory at full efficiency!

Accurate Request Execution

Through an integrated communication network that includes all parties related to each process.

Better Inventory Planning

Get periodic data and reports to enhance your ability to make decisions.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Through the positive impact of the system on the speed of delivery and the quality of Service.

We Promise You.

A reliable warehouse system, acting as a hybrid system that combines the advantages of paper systems and a seamless journey of digital ones. On top of an integrated experience capable of reducing time and effort, increasing profitability and transparency.

Advanced inventory tracking

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Follow up on Receipt and Delivery orders, internal transfers and all inventory movements.

Monitor Product movements by Serial Number or Received Batches

Follow up and monitor item expiry dates, their locations, and the status of each batch.

inventory movement by serial number
Cost estimation

Provides various cost estimation strategies

There is more than one method to calculate costs, and the appropriate method can be selected. Whether the cost is calculated based on the real purchase price, a general average of the cost of the product in all stores, the average cost at the store level, or a general average for a group of stores.

Hierarchical Division of Stores While Defining their Internal Sections

Control receipt & delivery policies to distribute products automatically or manually to the warehouses for each product.

Hierarchical division
Converting damaged products

Converting Damaged Products to Scrap

Inventory moves can be made to complete settlements when there are differences, and damaged products can be transferred to scrap.


Inventory cost calculation reports in several ways. Slow-moving products and non-moving stock reports, as well as warehouse inventory

Inventory report
Diversity of exchange

Diverse Exchange Policies

Apply more than one exchange policy, such as FIFO - first in, first out - and LIFO - last in first out -.

Lock Periods  

Keep your files in one place.
Manage documents online with an easy to use interface.
Rely on an highly secure cloud storage.

 Stock Re-Evaluation

Recalculate the cost of Products, in the case of recording operations at a previous date, modifying old operations, or entering some old transactions, the change is made in the records accordingly.

Connect With…

Barcode Readers & Printers

Accounting system

Procurement System

Internal Ordering System

Online Store

Walnut Inventory System in a Nutshell 
consists of a sequence of stores and areas, whether an imaginary or real division in the form of a "stores tree". Products are defined by names, codes and barcodes. After adding the details of each product, such as the supplier and components,

the system facilitates the process of stock taking and stock adjustments, as it compares system quantities with actual quantities and prepare adjustments automatically.

This is in addition to enhancing the efficiency of following up on all internal and external warehouse movements, such as receipts and their returns, disbursement and returns, and internal warehouse transfers.