Appointment Management Module

Ease of Use. Payment Security. Data Harmony.

 Service providers need a flexible and accurate system to organize reservations. It is way past paper calendars now, and Walnut is here to offer its modern appointment booking module. It suits different service providers such as clinics, consulting offices, banks, salons and gyms, as it depends on three basic factors in booking: location, equipment, and service provider availability.
The appointment management module is the most appropriate system for places that contain a set of different services. The system chooses service providers according to their skills and specialties, and then automatically completes reservations for customers


We Promise You

A reliable appointment booking module, a hybrid system that combines the advantages of both paper systems and digital systems. We also promise you an integrated experience capable of reducing time and effort, increasing profitability and transparency.

 Get Rid of the Hassle of Appointment Bookings.

Equal Opportunities

 Through an automated selection algorithm for service providers.

Increasing Customers

 By improving the reservation and follow-up system.

Better Use of Your Resources

 By maximizing the use of resources and in the most efficient manner based on system standards.

 Intelligent Search Engine

The module works with an advanced search engine to determine the appropriate time to provide the service while ensuring that both the service provider and the place meet user conditions.

 Intelligent Search Engine

 Service Provider Management 

 At the request of the service applicant, some businesses may need to match the gender of the service provider with the service applicant, such as in salons and some medical clinics. You can easily adjust the system settings according to business policies or the desire of the service applicant

  Display Reservations and Appointments

 The module provides you with three different views. The calendar, which contains times and service providers with their names, full cards, where a card is displayed for each appointment, and the list of appointments, which contains a line for each appointment with its own details. You can also schedule according to the service element (provider, equipment, or location).


Rescheduling, Made Simple.

 the module features drag-and-drop rescheduling. This feature allows you to drag an appointment and drop it to another time on the calendar, and the system will automatically show whether the new appointment is available or busy, and it will tell you whether it is due to the unavailability of the service provider, equipment, or location.

 Automatic Cancellation of Temporary Reservations

 Automatically cancel a reservation if it is not confirmed within a specified period of time.


Offers & Packages

 In the event that packages or discounts are offered on bulk service requests, the module can implement them automatically.

 Commission Management

  The module deals with sales representatives and calculates their percentage from each reservation invoice.

Works with most service organizations

Such as clinics, stadiums, consulting offices, salons, ministries, meeting rooms, halls and restaurants.  

 Comprehensive Rescheduling of Service Item Appointments

In emergency situations, such as equipment failure, absence of a service provider, or service room maintenance, the module performs a group rescheduling of the appointments related to that emergency, sending notifications to customer of any appointment changes.

 Advanced reminders for service providers and customers

 Add a reminder for each service provider and each customer before providing the service at a specific time.

Integrate With...

WhatsApp | Electronic Payment Gateways | Online Stores | Accounting System | Sales system

Appointment Booking System in a Nutshell...

The appointment management module is a system suitable for any institution that provides its services to the general public, such as medical centers, law offices, and consulting offices. Either through a reservation employee or online, with full control by the user over all reservations, payments, appointments, and program elements. It is also possible to specify the authority of each user on a specific screen, exclusively within the scope of their administrative responsibility, and open all screens to the administration or to the reservations manager.