Human Resources Module

Fair management. Perfect Organization. Maximum Productivity.

Because good human resources are your most valuable assets, managing them requires dedicated systems that help you make the most of their potential in parallel with maintaining their well-being and justice.


Utilize the most out of your human resources

Professional Organization

Organize departments and units with all the details of each employee in an easy way.

Clarity of Administrative Vision

  By supporting you with data and periodic reports to enhance your ability to make strategic decisions.

Restricted Approval 

Through a multi-level approval system for each document.

We Promise You

A strong and flexible human resources system that covers the different cases of each employee, providing you with comprehensive mechanisms that you can control without referring to a software company, considering all the standards of labor law are integrated into the program.

organizational hierarchy

The Organizational Hierarchy of the Company

The system begins with the formation of the hierarchy structure and the name of all departments, and the administrative levels are shown in a multi-level tree, which establishes the approval levels later.

Comprehensive Fields for the Data of Each Employee

The employee data screen starts with registering the employee as a job applicant with mandatory fields and optional fields.

employee's data
permits and permission

Full Control Over Vacations, Permits and Permissions

Submit the employee on leave through the system’s self-service, with the possibility of the human resources employee to register instead, with the presence of different types of leaves according to the Labor Law (annual leave, sick leave, etc.) and calculating the impact of each on the end-of-service benefits.

Calculation of Paid Absence Permissions

Calculate paid absence permissions, which prove that the employee is not present at work, but with the continuation of calculating his entitlements, such as allowed permission for the number of hours or work assignments.

Calculation of paid absence permissions
process of calculating salaries

Calculate Salaries Automatically According to the Settings

Issue payrolls with an accurate and powerful mechanism according to the Labor Law that is integrated into the system, and the calculation can be modified according to the company’s regulations (such as the salaries of consultants). The system provides a consolidated payroll that is interconnected with the general accounts system.

Before issuing the payroll, the system automatically calculates all the affecting factors, such as delays, penalties, bonuses, or any factor that affects the increase or decrease in the salary, and then view the journal entry for the salaries.

A Complete Mechanism for the End-of-Service Calculation Process

With one click, the system calculates the end-of-service indemnity of an employee on a specific day according to the labor law, and then the system automatically calculates all related dues.

advanced search

 Smart and Advanced Search for Employee Data

Search by multiple criteria in a simple and fast way

Easy Attachments of Company & Employee Files 

attach official documents for the company or the employee in different formats.

Easy Attachments of company
Monitoring the attendance

Monitor Employee Attendance

A separate attendance and departure system connected to a fingerprint reader, provided that each company sets its own list of penalties to be applied automatically by the system.

Additional Features


Advance expiry date notifications of documents that are about to expire.

Work Permits

Manage internal and external work permits and related costs (tickets, pocket money, etc.).

Administrative Circulars

Send administrative circulars to all company employees or to a specific department.

Employees performance

A mechanism for evaluating the performance of employees.


System interface for employees (self-service to indicate leave balance, salary, etc.).


Digital Employment Applications.

Integrate with...

Fingerprint device, to ensure that there is no tampering in the attendance sheets.

The accounting system, for payroll and allowances.  

Walnut’s Human Resource System in a Nutshell

The system plays a vital role in developing the culture of the organization by providing clear laws and flexible cases at the same time. 

Abiding by the labor law, which is integrated into the system, does not allow reducing any benefits but further give the user the ability to increase them (example: the number of vacation days), and the system can cover different cases that employees may encounter.