Purchase Module

Flexible Steps. Effective Communication. Systems integration.

Because unorganized purchasing leads to increased costs, unplanned purchases, and irregular delivery times, we provide you with an effective purchase system that can reduce your costs and improve the purchase cycle to avoid any potential waste, through automated and transparent processes.


Optimized Purchasing System

Accurate Quantity and Time

  Integrates with the warehouse module

Analysis of Your Purchase Data

Access data and periodic reports to enhance your ability to make strategic decisions

Better Use of Your Resources

Monitor periodic purchase reports and use them to develop more effective future plans.

Streamlined performance

through the flexibility of automated workflow steps in the system.

We Promise You... 

A reliable purchase system, which is a hybrid system that combines the advantages of paper systems and digital systems. We also promise you an integrated procurement experience capable of reducing time and effort, increasing profitability and transparency. 

traditional purchasing cycle

The Traditional Purchase Cycle

Request a quotation from suppliers | Registration of quotations | Issuance of purchase orders | Management & follow-up and modification of all steps 

Because flexibility is one of the main characteristics of the system, you can start from any step in the document cycle. The system also provides the feature of defining the documentary cycle according to the nature of the department or company, so it is possible to specify a documentary cycle for local purchases and another documentary cycle for international purchases. 

The Basic Documentary Cycle of the System 

Request a quote from the supplier. 

Reply to the supplier. 

Issuing a P.O. to the supplier based on the quotation or previously recorded Price Lists.

documentary cycle
Tracking Quantities

Full Tracking of the Quantities of Outgoing, Incoming and Invoiced Purchase Orders 

The system automatically creates a draft for each purchase order and records the approval of the storekeeper's receipt, as well as the purchase invoice and all subsequent steps so that you can refer to each transaction that occurred on the system by any user. 

Purchase Comparison Reports | Purchase Analysis Reports 

The purchase system offers different types of reports that can give you strong indicators on which to base executive decisions. Whether it is local or external purchasing reports, you can determine the duration, items and quantities consumed.
multi Reports of purchasing module
Order processing report

Order Processing report 

A crucial report that informs you of the consumption of a previous period (day/month/season) and you expect the consumption of the same period, in order not to issue a purchase order of less or more quantity than required. 


If you have multiple specialty stores, the system can suggest stores for receiving purchases. 

Additional features

  • Tenders management 
  • a separate part specialized in comparing and analyzing supplier lists based on the quantity supplied by the supplier.
  • The expected delivery period from the supplier.
  • The lowest prices meet the previous points. 
  • One of the most important features of the tender syst em is its ability to distribute supply orders to several suppliers to form the best group that serves the requirements of the purchase order you entered in terms of quantity and delivery time. 
  •  Save supplier's price lists for the purpose of comparisons during the purchase cycle 
  • You can save a list of supplier prices to compare prices, quantities, and expected delivery periods that include all suppliers of that item on an easy and clear screen that helps to compare suppliers to make a decision that serves the company's goals.

Possibility to connect with... 

  • Warehouse System (Create Receipt and Return vouchers) 
  • Create an immediate receipt draft after the purchase order is approved.
  • Automated reorder settings in the warehouse system, which it can automatically generate requests for quotations. 
  • Automated receiving settings to make the process of selecting the receiving store automatic and mechanized. 
  • The accounting system (create invoices and return documents) 
  • Create supplier invoices based on purchase orders received. 
  • Budgeting System (Budget Control) 
  • Control the demand and ensure that the approved budget is not exceeded. 

Walnut’s Purchasing System in a nutshell

- Our procurement system allows for smooth workflow and optimized processes 

- Design several documentary cycles based on the nature of purchases. 

- Compare the consumption of previous periods of the same year to give a directive to create a new order with the appropriate quantity. 

- The possibility of carrying out a corrective process for any step. 

- A record of all the steps and the users who performed them. 

- Review all offers automatically to suggest the appropriate price for the required quantity and the specified budget.

System steps 


Request for quotations

Supplier response with quotations

Approval of quotations

Comparison of quotations 

Create purchase orders