Requisition Module

Accurate Requests. Timely Orders. Efficient Transfers.

Because internal orders are chaotic when not tracked, and the lack of synchronization between stores and branches ultimately leads to wrong numbers in performance reports and financial reports, we provide you with the internal orders system: the best interconnected system capable of organizing all internal processes and orders between branches and stores.

The system deals with the supply cycle end-to-end, whether from company branches that request goods from sub-stores, internal departments requesting goods from management, or existing engineering projects that request from the main warehouse, or sub-stores that supply to other sub-stores to cover their needs from the required stock.


The interconnection of branches and stores is now stronger than ever.

Vision Integration

through a dashboard that controls and monitors the movement of internal orders to and from branches and stores.

Flexible Performance

Change internal requisition orders.

High Reliability

through a detailed approval cycle according to the authority you give to each official.

Executing internal supply requests

Execute Internal Supply Requests

According to detailed approval stages to suit the company's administrative structure.

Follow-up and Request Execution for Branches, Departments, Sub-Stores, and Projects 

Link to the warehouse system or the procurement system, so that the internal orders system evaluates the requests of branches and departments based on the availability of materials.

implementation of requests


Purchase behavior analysis

A report that shows the purchase behavior of each branch or project and compares it with other data.


Repeat Orders

A report that shows the frequency of orders issued by each branch or project for each item, as it shows the items that are in high demand at certain times.

Repeat Orders
Required quantities

Required Quantities

A report that shows the required quantities in different periods, which helps to anticipate the demands in the same periods.

Additional Features 

Allocate the credit cycle according to the management hierarchy, amounts, and types

Where the system provides the possibility to request directly or to transfer to a manager/another official for review and approval after comparing the required quantities with the missing quantities and amending, changing, or rejecting them.
Monitor the duration of the supply cycle
The system shows the time period for the supply of each order from the warehouses to the branches.

Change the Receiving Store Automatically

Where the sub-stores to which the request is received by default can be changed in case the internal requisition is converted to the external purchase order, in case of insufficient quantities in internal stores.

Link with the Warehouse System
To create transfers where the two systems are interconnected so that the company's management can link between all stores and branches.  

  Walnut Requisition System in a Nutshell

Orders come out from different branches of the sub-stores or the main store, and reverse transfer takes place from the warehouse to the branch if the goods are available, and thus the order cycle ends.

If demand is out of stock, the request is transferred to the purchase cycle to send a price request from suppliers and compare prices to send a purchase requisition to receive the demand on the main or subsidiary store directly.