Retail and wholesale system

Smooth handling. Execution accuracy. Systems integration.

Retail and wholesale trade includes intertwined operations and they all come in affecting each other., thus you need a coherent and professional system that can be dealt with confidence and accuracy, Walnut offers you a management system for retail and wholesale establishments capable of supporting full operations, linking sales, purchases, stores and finances, the retail and wholesale system depends on a cycle Comprehensive and integrated through which you can manage and control all operations through a unified system.


Digitize processes to manage all the details! 

Management of sales, sales and stores

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Walnut promises you

By providing a retail and wholesale system capable of providing the utmost professionalism and accuracy in the management of commercial establishments in order to fully control the inventory, supply, and sale without any waste. 

Cash fund

The ability to follow up on the money collected during the day (or any time frame) through the sales system, and it is also possible to follow up on the expenses of purchases.

Sales Administration

An integrated cycle and interconnected with all other systems, as sales operations automatically affect the limitations of warehouse and account systems. 

Purchase Management

An integrated cycle that is interconnected with other systems, where purchasing processes automatically affect the restrictions of warehouse systems and accounts.

Store Management

The possibility of following up on the quantities available in the different branches and stores to identify the deficiencies needed by each branch/store once the minimum quantities are reached on the system, and thus the system shows it to the user.
Example: Branch X needs to be resupplied from Product Y. 


The system provides users with all the general reports related to daily operations, as this is done periodically and automatically according to the user's desire.

Possibility to connect with...

Warehouse System | accounting system

Retail and wholesale system in a nutshell..

The possibility of designing several documentary courses based on the nature of sales.

 The possibility of carrying out a corrective process for any step.

A record of all the steps and the users who performed them.

 Reports on products, customers, sales representatives and branches.

Monitor all sales movements from one screen.