Mobile App & Web App Development

Responsive. Native. User Friendly. 

 A good mobile app/web app enhances your access to customers on a deeper, closer, and a longer lasting level. That is even more correct in this day and age, where mobile devices are everywhere, and everyone is constantly using them. With Walnut's development services, you can rest assured that your apps are interactive and engaging, properly representing your brand.


Key Features

Responsive Design


Once we got your full idea and requirements, our experienced professionals will make sure that the UI is totally functional and user-friendly. They are seasoned with a vast experience in delivering such services in top quality standards to clients globally.

Native language


Our team of talented Android & iOS developers has best-in-class skills and possesses an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals required to build apps for a wide range of Android & iOS. We ensure that the apps are designed as per the Android & iOS design principles, while factoring in usability. At the same time, we make sure that the mobile apps are consistent, look appealing, and create an enjoyable experience for users.

SEO Friendly


Our multiple platforms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. SEO means that the content you are writing is going to be seen favorably by search engines. This is important because search engines are the primary way people find information online. SEO is important because it is the driving force behind your website traffic, and your brand awareness.


Share your ideas and requirements, and our team will perform the appropriate analysis that helps turn your ideas into a tangible mobile app, all while ensuring the use of best practices.

Mobile App
User interface-User experience


Ui: User Interface “Simply it means how it looks” includes this choosing (Colors –images –icons – Buttons- Fonts- Text field) and all elements in all pages of the mobile application that interact with the end-user

Ux: User experience “simply means how it works” it’s the part responsible for the way to interact with the application and navigate between pages “Customer Journey” By making the arrangement of the items on the page an easy logical order, it does not require any prior knowledge of how to use the application. 


It is the most accurate of these steps and the need for extreme professionalism, It is the most important where the final design approved for the application turns into a mobile app that works on mobile

We divided the programming or mobile app into two parts which are “Android Application – iOS Application”

Our team uses the best native programming languages for each platform separately which is reflected in the ability to add unlimited features to the application

Agile Methodology

Delivery Approach

At Walnut, we care about your project, so we commit to working hard to make sure your requirements and adopted designs meet the schedule that we provide based on these requirements.

Agile methodology supported for unclear scopes .   


This is an important step for us to make sure you are qualified and good enough to use your dedicated Mobile app/web app admin panel.


After-sales / Support

One of our most important principles is to make sure our customer satisfaction rate is high, so we have supported our customers with all their needs

Project Life Cycle 

1- Define the purpose

The team of executives first has to make sure they fully understand the main goals of the new application and let our customers share their idea and their requirements exactly to do good analysis which helps us to make a clear road map, Orientation meetings are held with the client or the business owners to get to know more about the project's purpose and goals.

2-Analysis & Planning

at this stage, we are analyzing everything to give the best practices for our customers and also help us to determine what is appropriate for our customers like which platforms are helpful for this specific project and which delivery approach we have to take so after that we can set the plan of the project to be more clear with our valued customer for the full cycle of his project

3- Ui/Ux Design

A user-friendly interface is included in the UI/UX layout. The goal of the application product is to create a wholly mobile experience that is intuitive and straightforward to employ.
The accomplishment of a system application is defined by how well potential users perceive and utilize the application’s attributes. The intention of adopting UI/UX to improve a phone application is to produce a unique user experience that is appealing, straightforward, and simple to use.


Concurrently with the prototype, the foundation stages of building an app are still essential. Before you begin writing your codes, make sure you’ve done this:
1-Specify the product backlog
2-Select a technology package
3-Set application’s building goals
A standard mobile application project consists of three major components:
1-Back-end/server technology
3-The mobile app front-end


Examining for quality assurance (QA) is a crucial element of the mobile app development workflow since it ensures the application’s stability, performance, and security. To confirm that your program has been completely assessed, you must write test cases that cover every area of checking the developed mobile app , To produce a great mobility result, your application should push through the subsequent testing procedures.


Before launching a successfully built mobile app , it must be proposed and accepted by the application stores or shops such as Google Play Application Store & Apple Application Store for Android & iOS respectively. Before a newly built application for mobile can be released for public use, a developer account for the previously mentioned  mobile app stores is required.